The world's first earplugs that monitor brain activity while you sleep, and train you to sleep more efficiently.



Sleep Training

Based on your sleep cycles, a personalized sleep training program is created.  Developed with sleep specialists, the program uses the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for insomnia (CBTi) to make sure you maximize deep sleep.

Our smart alarm will wake you up at your lightest stage of sleep, so you never feel groggy the next morning.



Brain Sensing

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Using EEG technology, the device tracks electrical activity in your brain.  This gives you the most accurate information possible on your sleeping habits and cycles.

Sleep Training

A 3-week personalized sleep training program is created.  The goal is to have you sleeping more efficiently, and minimize the time you spend lying in bed unable to fall asleep.

Noise Cancelling

The earplugs use active noise cancelling technology to block outside disturbances and introduce white noise to match any background sounds that may be present.


Meet the Team


Kristina Pearkes


Mechanical Engineering McGill University


Sean Kaiser


Mechanical Engineering McGill University 


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Sleep is the best meditation
— Dalai Lama